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This list includes Hockey RPF authors who have a permission statement about podfic.

Hockey RPF Authors with Blanket Permission to Podfic

Please point me in the direction of more. All links go to AO3 (when possible). The ones that are not on the fanlore Blanket Permission to Podfic list include a ref to the statement.

[ profile] 7iris
[ profile] addandsubtract
[ profile] AlchemyAlice ref
[ profile] aohatsu ref
[ profile] Arioch ref
[ profile] armillarysphere ref
[ profile] bessyboo ref [has caveat for co-written stories]
[ profile] bestliars
[ profile] cathedralhearts ref
[ profile] cbomb
[ profile] celli
Charli J/[ profile] gigantic ref
[ profile] daisysusan ref
[ profile] dancinbutterfly
[ profile] derrydown ref
[ profile] detentionlevel
[ profile] doctor_denmark
[ profile] duckgirlie
[ profile] ellievolia / [personal profile] delicatale
[ profile] ellot
[ profile] elucidate_this ref*
[ profile] exmanhater ref
[ profile] fahye ref
[ profile] forochel
[ profile] grim_lupine ref
[ profile] Hananobira ref
[ profile] hapakitsune ref
[ profile] hauntologie ref
[ profile] hazel ref
[ profile] horizon_greene ref
[ profile] iBear ref
[ profile] i_claudia ref
[ profile] im_not_a_lizard
[ profile] impertinence
[ profile] ionthesparrow ref
[ profile] james ref
[ profile] jean_iris ref
[ profile] jedusaur
[ profile] jukeboxghost ref
[ profile] justbreathe80 ref*
[ profile] katarin
[ profile] Kephiso ref
[ profile] LadyJanelly ref
[ profile] lenore ref
[ profile] letsgofriday ref
[ profile] lightgetsin ref
[ profile] listedheart ref
[ profile] marina
[ profile] mardia (has caveat)
[ profile] merisunshine36 ref
[ profile] missmollyetc ref
[ profile] novembersmith
[ profile] o_contrary ref
[ profile] oanja ref
[ profile] opalsong
[ profile] paperdolls ref
[ profile] petra ref
[ profile] popfly ref
[ profile] professorbutterscotch ref
[ profile] psharp10 ref
[ profile] puckling ref
[ profile] queenklu
[ profile] quintenttsy
[ profile] saxihighlandck ref
[ profile] scarlett_o
[ profile] shihadchick
[ profile] shoemaster
[ profile] sk8rpssockpup ref
[ profile] solarcat ref
[ profile] spuffyduds ref
[ profile] svmadelyn ref
[ profile] thefourthvine
[ profile] thehoyden ref
[ profile] thenorthface ref
[ profile] thisissirius [has caveat for co-written stories]
[ profile] twentysomething
[ profile] unperfectwolf caveat
[ profile] vlieger ref
[ profile] withdiamonds
[ profile] zarathuse
[ profile] zulu

If you're an author and you are not on this list but would like to be, please leave a comment on this post.

Here is a great post about Transformative Works Statements. If you feel like you need more information about what exactly 'blanket permission' means please check it out :)

Authors with a pro-podfic, but 'please ask' or 'talk to me first' statement:
[ profile] mermaid ref
[ profile] angelsaves ref
[ profile] cherryvanilla

Authors with a 'please ask' or 'talk to me first statement:
[ profile] ohtempora ref

Authors with a no to podfic statement:
[ profile] oflights ref

* = author without official statement, so check the ref and judge for yourself


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