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Title: James Cameron Got It Wrong
Author: [personal profile] ladyfoxxx
Reader: [personal profile] knight_tracer
Beta: [personal profile] podcath
Band(s): My Chemical Romance
Pairing(s): Frank/Frank, Frank/Gerard, Frank/Gerard/Frank, Mikey/Ray
Length: 6:59:27
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): sex, mild violence, self-cest & cross-dimensional pining
In which 2005!Frank and Fun Ghoul get it on. Then Frank accidentally winds up in 2019.

Link(s): mp3 (180MB) m4b (195MB)
Other parts of the Time Travel 'Verse here

Bonus Materials:

Awesome Cover Art by [personal profile] leish

Mix of music used in the podfic here


Jul. 19th, 2012 10:36 pm
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Mix of music used in the Time Travel 'Verse podfic by me here

1: Valmont - Empires
2: Prayer Of The Refugee - Rise Against
3: Was It A Dream? - 30 Seconds to Mars
4: Roadside - Rise Against
5: Until It Kills - Midtown
6: This is Letting Go - Rise Against
7: Epic Last Song - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
8: Wait For Me - Rise Against
9: Night Is Young- Empires
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Reader's Notes: AWESOME art by [personal profile] leish!!! I love the killjoys So much! The geometric style is perfect, and the grey for the future and white for the past creates a cohesive feel which still highlights the differences. I love how both Gerard's are in almost the exact same pose, and both Frank's are rocking their kickass scowl. Also, both Mikey and Ray are wearing shades! The parallels and mirroring in this cover are so amazing! I keep finding more things to pick out and appreciate!

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Reader's notes: [personal profile] aneas is awesome!!! I love how the image conveys the re-imaging of Brendon and Spencer. The contrast of the black and white, the masculine and feminine, works really well. I think the idea of Brendon and Spencer's faces inside the female silhouette is quite a clever one and is visually very interesting. I am over the moon with this cover, I think it works amazingly with the podfic.

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Title: Cute Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun)
Author: [ profile] littlemousling
Reader: [personal profile] knight_tracer
Beta: [personal profile] podcath
Cover: [personal profile] aneas
Fandom: Panic! at the Disco
Pairings: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: Explicit
Length: 4:37:48

Brent may have tricked Ryan and Spencer into auditioning a girl guitarist, but there's no question that Brendon is the best they've seen. Soon enough she's their new best buddy, too, hanging out at Spencer's house almost as much as Ryan does. The band is finally coming together, and Spencer's starting to think they might really make it as musicians--if she can stop getting distracted by her hopeless crush on Brendon.

Links: mp3 m4b

Reader's notes: Getting podfic involved in bandombigbang was not a one woman mission. Thank you so much to the other bbb mods: [ profile] anoneknewmoose, [ profile] catchmelike and [ profile] cincodemaygirl, who all worked with me to create a place for podfic in the challenge. Also, thank you to [personal profile] paraka and [personal profile] cantarina, who I ran ideas by, and helped me clarify my thoughts before I got the ball rolling.

As ever, thanks to [personal profile] podcath for the beta, even though she was on holiday.

Thanks to [personal profile] littlemousling for having blanket permission, and for writing such AWESOME dialogue that was so much fun to record.

And thanks to [personal profile] aneas who took this project on last minute. Read more of my thoughts on the art at the art post.

Link to art post by [personal profile] aneas


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