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Dear #ITPE Podficcer...

Thank you! You are amazing! I love fandom and podfic, and I especially love podficcers. It is important to me that you love the story you are performing. However, if you would appreciate some details about my preferences, they are below.

The 100 - I'm here for all the ships, but bonus points if Wells is not dead :D
Young Avengers - Kate Bishop/America Chavez
Les Mis
The Raven Cycle
Leverage - Parker/Hardison/Eliot
Tamora Piere - Tortall especially
Once Upon a Time - Regina/Emma, Aurora/Mulan
Teen Wolf - only the ladies
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Women's Hockey RPF
The Flash - Iris/Barry, Iris/Barry/Eddie
MCU (including associated TV shows) - ALL the awesome ladies, I also really love Triplett, Rhodey, and Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers
Also: Disney Princesses, Lost Girl, Pitch Perfect, Xena, Buffy, The Hunger Games, Code Name Verity, Birds of Prey, Batwoman, Killjoys (TV), Haven, D.E.B.S, Legend of Korra, Mad Max:Fury Road, Jane Austen (all novels), and North and South.

Any of these fandoms would be awesome! However, if there's a long femslash fic you've been dying to record in a different fandom, that would be 100% fine with me.

I love characters falling in love, making mistakes, and getting though trouble together. A happy ending is an absolute must, but I don't mind if there are complications and angst along the way.

Things I love: friends-to-lovers, fake dating, supernatural aus, soulbonding, found families, women being awesome, poly relationships, road trips, writing on the skin, emotional intelligence, and relationship/kink negotiation.

Personal do-not-wants: non-con, permanent character death, gore, unhappy endings, pregnancy, infidelity, institutional unequal power dynamics (where the power imbalance is innate and un-negotiated, e.g. teachers, religious officials, doctors, psychiatrists, prostitution).

Yellow Light (things I only like under specific circumstances): zombie fic, post-apocalyptic fic, and the themes of insanity or mental institutions. I'd stay away from these themes to be safe.



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