Apr. 22nd, 2016

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Title: Ask Me to Stay
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Rhea
Reader: [personal profile] knight_tracer
Fandom: All for the Game
Pairings: Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard
Rating: T
Length: 18:06
Summary: Andrew always asks, but Neil hasn't found the right words for everything yet.

Neil faces down his fifth year at Palmetto State with a kind of horror he hasn’t felt since freshman year. There are so many things he doesn’t know how to let go of anymore.

Post canon/future fic. Discovering the ways in which Neil and Andrew fit together and face the future.

Links: mp3 | m4b (Right-click, select 'save as')
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I adore Hamilton and I adore podcasts, so... recs!!!

1) Hamilton the podcast - a whole podcast devoted to deconstructing Hamilton song by song, talking about background, context and musicality. So far the podcast has just finished Act 1 (in 9 episodes).

2) The Lightbulb - episode 62 - Storywonk - A pop culture podcast by a husband and wife team, they focus on narrative and storytelling.
Episode Summary: This week, we’re not throwing away our shot to take a break and talk non-stop about Hamilton as a story, as musical theater, and as an important cultural artifact.

3) NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour - with special guest Gene Demby from NPR's Code switch. Also, these lucky people have actually seen the musical.

4) More NPR - the first part has an interview with Leslie Odom Jr (Aaron Burr)

5) Another Round - 14 Things You Never Knew About Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda
Episode Summary: Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind the hit musicals Hamilton and In The Heights, told BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast about his childhood, making hip-hop mixtapes for Stephen Sondheim, and the time Kimye showed up to the theater.

Anyone have other recs for me? More podcasts with episodes about Hamilton, episodes with interviews with cast, etc.


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