knight_tracer: (Bobbi)
knight_tracer ([personal profile] knight_tracer) wrote2017-01-25 01:35 pm


Look, January is tough! It is always tough! So, I don't see why I'd want to add extra stress/pressure like resolutions or epic plans. HOWEVER, February is a different story. So, I have a few ideas/plans for myself for the month of Feb.

1) Post 29 podfic comments (I'd say one each day, but I'm better at batches)
2) Reply to 29 comments on my own podfic
3) Post a podfic each week
4) Make one podfic rec post
5) Record 4 podfics about awesome ladies
6) See 2 films written or directed by women (I only saw 5 films directed by women last year /o\ 2016 list). I'll take recs for this one.