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Here are some of my ideas for amplificathon! These recs are all for fics I probably won't be podficcing during the amplificathon period (although, no promises). A lot of the fics from the previous post are still relevant, and that link is here. All authors are BP unless otherwise stated.

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1) [Podfic] Jess & Tanya by [ profile] readbyanalise010, text written by [ profile] anna_unfolding - 2014 NHL commercial - Jess/Tanya (original characters) - 7 min
Summary (mine):Twitter!fic: hockey rivalries.

I loved this a ton. I remembered loving the story when it was being told over twitter, but resigned myself to never seeing it again. This made it extra exciting to see the podfic when it was posted, not to mention that it was read by [ profile] readbyanalise010. The performance is subtle and nuanced, and for such a short podfic, it manages to capture the wistful atmosphere really well. I particularly loved how the snide little rivalry comments were performed, always a bit mean, but never malicious. As I know well, sport rivalries amongst friends and family have to walk a fine line. I can be mean to my brother's football team ONLY when they are playing my team, that is a definite rule. This podfic is very short and it is well worth watching the advert first (linked above), but it is not necessary.

2) [Podfic] A Congenial Task by [ profile] Sunquistadora, text written by [ profile] girlmarauders - Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz - 27 min
Summary: Amy & Rosa participate in the oldest casefic cliché of the century by having to pretend to be dating in order to infiltrate a gay bar.

Brooklyn nine-nine is one of my new favourite shows and I want ALL the Rosa/Amy in the land. This is SO amazing! It's a delightfully written story, and the performance continually made me smile and laugh. [ profile] Sunquistadora does such a brilliant job with Amy's inner monologue, my favourite line is probably: 'Maybe Amy should take a seminar on voice projection', it had perfect comic timing and was so good I nearly spat out my tea in laughter.

3) [Art] Rosa & Amy by [ profile] Kisariiem - Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Rosa/Amy

This art work, made for the Rare Pair Fest is awesome! There are two pieces, one is glossy and sharp, and the other is cute and sweet. Both are super adorable.

4) [Art] Cello by [ profile] lynndyre - Young Avengers - Kate Bishop/America Chavez
Summary: Kate plays for America.

A beautiful piece and you can really see the affection between the two characters. America is bare foot, and Kate is wearing stripy socks and that detail just make them look so comfortable with each other.

5) [Fic] somewhere, someone must know the ending by [ profile] maleficently - Once Upon a Time - Regina Mills/Emma Swan
Summary: “I’m here because... I think my kid is having some kind of delusional breakdown because he can’t cope with the fact that ... Mayor Mills and I split up.”

Dr. Hopper pushes his glasses up his nose in a measured movement. “What makes you think that?”

“Well, among other things, he thinks his mother is about to cut Mary Margaret Blanchard’s heart out of her chest, before pulverizing it and sending her into a coma that only her true love can rescue her from.”

[AU; here, 'fairy tale land' is merely a product of Henry's imagination during a difficult time.]

Amazing! I saw this highly reced on twitter, and decided to give it a go and OMG SO MANY FEELINGS! The story begins with the two broken up due to infidelity, which is usually a huge no go for me, but it's handled SO WELL, the forgiveness and slow build towards trust is beautiful.
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1) [Podfic] The Dancing and Hiking series: 1 | 2 | 3 - [ profile] exmanhater, written by [ profile] clio_jlh - Teen Wolf - Lydia Martin/Erica Reyes
Summary (for the first podfic): Lydia thinks maybe there's more to this thing with Erica than just sex, so she tries to make that happen. Whether she's successful is up for debate.

Brilliant! This is a cute series, I love characters figuring out that they having feelings :D [ profile] exmanhater's voices are just so picture perfect I practically swooned. Lydia's tone while she's figuring things out is super, she's uncomfortable and a bit confused and doesn't want it to show. [ profile] exmanhater is always excellent, but I especially love her Lydia <3

2) [Podfic] Up in the air read by [ profile] exmanhater, written by [ profile] cherie_morte - Supernatural RPF - Genevieve Cortese/Adrianne Palicki - 58min
Summary: Genevieve is an aspiring actress working dead-end jobs to pay the bills until she gets her big break. Her life isn't exactly glamorous just yet; in fact, she spends most of her time waitressing at a chain restaurant inside LAX and pining over Adrianne, a flight attendant who occasionally passes through her terminal.

This is super cute! Pining and adorableness to the extreme. Their interactions are filled with such affection. I really enjoyed the Jared moments too, he's a great side charter who made me laugh. [ profile] exmanhater did a great job giving everyone their own distinct voices, which made for an awesome podfic. I really enjoyed this!

3) [Art] Month of Love by [ profile] steendraws
Summary (mine):Favourite love story.

Medieval Lesbians! This piece of art is really lovely, with the lady knight kneeling before her lady, kissing her hand. It is a beautiful, stolen moment, both women are captivated and both have slight blushes. <333

4) [Art] Fairy Tale by [ profile] omgdragonfly

More Medieval Lesbians! These two are locked in a kiss, with the knight's sword extended, framing the scene. There is passion here, and it is super adorable.

Seriously all, I need all the Medieval Lesbian fanworks please.

5) [Fic] Pulling On All Your Threads by [ profile] clio_jlh - Teen Wolf - Lydia Martin/Erica Reyes (with VERY minor Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent/Scott McCall) - 8803 words
Summary: Lydia has no doubt in her mind that she's going to win this design competition. She just needs to keep from being distracted by one of her competitors. Not that Erica's trying to distract her; she wants to win, too. Getting Lydia's attention is just a bonus.
(A Project Runway AU.)

This story is a truly beautiful blending of two worlds. The Project Runway setting is delightful, and I love the way the show's structure neatly moves time along and pushes the characters into new challenges. The characters are so cute, and their interactions are very well done. Eric and Lydia are the focus, but the story gives you glimpses into the characterisation of the other characters and their friendships. I love the idea of Stiles and Scott becoming an awesome fashion designing duo of insanity. Erica and Lydia make a badass pair!

6) [Vid] Wings by [ profile] rhea - Multifandom - 3:51
Summary: Awesome Ladies Fanvid \o/

A celebration of female characters with focus on showing their competency not just through violence but through their friendships, determination, self confidence, intelligence, leadership, and skills. Part a remix, part a conversation with the vids that have come before, and part love letter to these awesome ladies and the people who vid them.

This is an absolutely amazing vid! I have literal tears in my eyes over how many awesome ladies feels it gives me. I love how the vid contains women being awesome, women having fun, and women dancing! It feels like a beautiful celebration. I have a few favourite moments: Lydia (Teen Wolf) finishing a maths sum on the board with competent flair, Willow and Tara (Buffy) slow dancing to the lyrics 'we don't let nobody bring us down', Letty (Fast and the Furious) pulling of an outrageous car move as a new verse starts, Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica) displaying a winning hand at cards with the biggest smile, Zoe (Firefly) still shooting someone after being laid flat on her back, again to the lyrics 'we don't let nobody bring us down', and there are many more. I have watched this vid numerous times, and I highly recommend it.
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I thought I'd share some things I've enjoyed lately.

1) [Fic] Don't Speak Against the Sun by [ profile] zeffyamethyst - Original fic - OFC/OFC - 22K
Summary: adversus solem ne loquitor.

Sometimes it's not about winning, but how you play. Other times it's about doing whatever it takes to come out on top. Like, literally on top because Sarah enjoys holding Tish down.

This is such an enjoyable story, and is filled with lovely things that I adore - fuck buddies to more, misunderstandings, obliviousness, secret pining, team feels, women being awesome at things, and more. It's based on a fictional sport, which made for great world building. The characters have particularly well written dialogue and [ profile] zeffyamethyst makes the obliviousness and misunderstandings believable. I have read this story at least 3 times, and I highly recommend it.

2) [Podfic] Serious read by [ profile] exmanhater, written by [ profile] Toft - Legally Blonde - Vivian Kensington/Elle Woods - 55min.
Summary: Elle's always noticed women. Elle, Enid, and Vivian, lovers and friends in law school, learning how to be who they are.

Legally Blonde \o/ It's a really well written story and it's brilliantly read. [ profile] exmanhater gets Elle's tone down pat and made for a really fun listen. Elle is such an interesting character to me, she has so many layers and I loved how this podfic reflected that.

3) [Fic] I can tell that we are gonna be friends by [ profile] dollsome - Bomb Girls - Kate Andrews/Betty McRae - 1701 words
Summary: Betty’s new chemistry lab partner is named Kate Andrews. She’s new at Victory High School, with uncontrollable red curls and eyes that remind Betty of a squirrel from a Disney movie. (Is there a Disney movie with a squirrel in it? It’s been awhile since Betty checked.)

High School AU \o/ These girls are so cute, and this story gives them nice things :) Milkshakes \o/ Cuteness \o/ I wish I was more coherent about this, but oh well, just read it. They are going to have a 'friend adventure' *star eyes*

4) [Podfic] It's Going Down (I'm Yelling Tinder) read by [ profile] exmanhater, written by [ profile] hapakitsune - Hockey RPF - Hilary Knight/Amanda Kessel - 19min
Summary:Hilary finds Amanda on Tinder.

Hockey girls being awesome and cute \o/ *swoon* [ profile] exmanhater does a great job of capturing Hilary's energy and Amanda's vulnerability. This story is a really fun one and the performance elevates it to the level of: FAVOURITE for me. It's sweet and sexy and an A+ listening choice.

5) [Fic] No One Thinks About Eternity by [ profile] impertinence - Hockey RPF - Amanda Kessel/Hilary Knight - 43K
Summary:It's the Griner signing that starts everything, really, propelling Amanda into the NHL; but for Amanda, the thing with Hilary starts a few years before.

Hockey ladies being awesome! This story imagines Amanda Kessel playing in the professional league of the NHL - there is great attention to detail, which I appreciated. Amanda is a well developed character, with ambition and strength, but also vulnerabilities. The romantic sub plot, is very much a sub plot, but it is fun and also very hot.

I would love some more f/f recs, both fannish and not <3
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Amplificathon ideas:
I had grand plans for podficcing adventures, but there is no way I'm going to be able to follow through, so I thought I'd share the fruits of my research.

Fandoms represented in the archive, but would get 'new pairing' points: )


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